The Red Cross Pharmacy - The Pharmacy That Cares
Red Cross Pharmacy, the pharmacy that cares, provides full prescription services incorporating Cross-ChekTM and Express Refill. Red Cross Pharmacy, prescriptions and refills

Full Prescription Services:
•  Instructions
   on how to take prescription medication
•  Advice
   on over-the-counter (OTC) medications
•  Free Delivery
   of prescriptions within delivery area
•  Free Screening Tests

As a Medicare Approved Pharmacy, we can assist patients with their prescription drug benefits.

Cross-Chek TM
At Red Cross Pharmacy , we use
Cross-Chek TM, a complete and confidential database on each patient's medication history to monitor drug interactions, reactions, and refills.

Diabetes Shoppe
The Diabetes Shoppe® stands in a class by itself for providing excellence and variety in the programs it offers to diabetes patients... there's nothing like it!

Diabetes Shoppe

Red Cross Pharmacy offers "One Touch" Ultra ® Blood Glucose Monitoring System plus a complete line of diabetic supplies.

Try Express Refill - a fast, convenient, and efficient prescription service to accommodate busy schedules.Don't Wait, Call Ahead

     Express Refill                  570-785-1400
Call and Order Your Refills    24 Hours a Day!

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